17 de nov de 2013

Today is Avastin´s day, baby!

As I promised, I´ll try to explain what I meant by this phrase that I always write in one of my network.
Today is Avastin´s day, baby!
It is related a famous phrase that a Brazilian celebrity told when she was interviewed during the show of Katy Perry.
She said to the report: Today is rock´s day baby!
It was funny, and a lot of people started repeating this phrase in Brazil.

When I had the first chemotherapy, I posted my picture in Facebook, and a lot of people liked and wrote very nice things to me. I felt the positive energy from people all over the world and I loved it. I felt myself loved.
When I had the second chemo, I published a picture during my chemos´s infusion and I also wrote:
Today is Chemo´s day baby! And then I didn´t stop doing it anymore.
Because I had chemo every three weeks,  I wrote it every three weeks.
After I finished my treatment with chemotherapy, I started a new treatment with Avastin. I also have this infusion every three weeks, and I write:
Today is Avastin´s day baby!
I really like this phrase. It is the day that I have the treatment with Avastin.
For those who don´t know, I´m fighting against cancer since February 2012, and I´m writing about it and other things here, but I always write in Portuguese. Just in case you want to read one post written in English, there is one here:

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